Complete Athletes conducts training and development for student athletes in ALL SPORTS.  We facilitate accelerated group and one on one training sessions to maximize on the field performance with precision.

In addition to athletic skills training, we offer developmental programs that include academic support, college preparation,  advanced life skills, and professional development opportunities.

We place equal importance on our off the field training as well.  A great emphasis is placed on Advanced life skills, Improving Character traits,  Public Speaking , Interviewing, ACT and SAT Preparation.  We work closely with our student athletes to help them overcome any challenging obstacles preventing Clearinghouse eligibility.

Why be average?  Become a Complete Student Athlete….Where PERFORMANCE OFF THE FIELD is just as important as PERFORMANCE ON THE FIELD!


4 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. My son plays for the Wildcats he is now the captain of the offense of line 3 years ago he never even watch a football game didn’t know anything about the sport Coach Ali took him under his wing taught him everything he knows and it within three years he’s exceeded our expectations he’s on every travel team and we owe it all to Coach Ali for his patience and guidance Nataly on the field but to teach him to be a man and a gentleman I hope everyone is as lucky as we were to have Coach Ali teach and mentor your child

  2. I would like to find out about the county line battle game. My son plays for TCR and in 6th grade. He is also playing in the all star hotbed game in January. Would love to send his clip and possibly get him on the team

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